Our mission and business philosophy is simple. We listen and take note of your needs, define our role and with our process, flush out market opportunities. This process allows our customers to implement tactics that meet their strategic goals.

Staying ahead of the curve is the key to success in today's business world. We have the ability to understand your business development and marketing needs and provide you with cost effective solutions based on a budget.



After a 25 year career working as a Marketing VP focused on brand development, visual merchandising, advertisng and design, founders Allan and Susan Dagnall created Fusion, a Marketing and communciation company built on helping businesses to grow, and change direction by using an innovative strategic planning process with intergrated brand building.

Established in 2002 Fusion has worked on over 30 unique industries and helped many brands meet their goals. 

When, and as required we work with a great team of networked affiliates to build a collabrative marketing team of specialists in areas that require more focus and attention. By bringing together the best talent forward to work on opportunities, we can provide a highly personalized service. 

At Your Service

Operating Principles

You know what direction you want your company to go. It is our job to help ensure you have the right strategy and tools to get there.