Fusion Marketing and communication is a division of Fusion art and Design Inc. Our focus is on helping companies develop fully integrated new strategic plans using our unique process that engages all aspects of the company.  Our strategic formulation process accesses each aspect of your business and identifies opportunities for business development in an omni channel environment, bottom line improvement and overall brand development.



Brand Development


We work closely with your team to cultivate compelling brands. We approach every project with a unique combination of strategy and imagination.

Verbal Branding gives your brand the power to make an impression in the market at numerous touch points.

Visual Branding brings brands to life with creative vision and insight that tells a story.

Brand Power requires a balance of creative, thinking, and business planning to establish a road map for where you are today and into the future.


Strategic Planning


Our engaging 8 step process helps you identify and define key strategic initiatives that provide new direction and establishes priorities for the development of your business.


Marketing Audit


Implementing an IMA provides you with an independent and detailed overview of where you might improve value in all your marketing programs by comparison to what is being achieved in your market.

Fee's to perform these tasks are typically based on your current or planned expenditures and should be considered a vital part of your overall marketing plan.

Implementing an IMA adds unrealized value and reduces overall marketing costs.


This formulation process provides marquee goals and lays out specifics actions and sets timeliness.

As your business grows so will your marketing and planning requirements. Depending on your business model, you may need hardware and software upgrades, but more importantly today you need a plan that is strategic, flexible, engages employees and provides a vital roadmap to your success.


       Fusion Marketing and communications is a divison of Fusion Art and Design Inc.




Fusion can assist in the implementation of your strategy by developing industry partnerships, recruiting and developing sales teams or by providing marketing intelligence.

Understanding how, where and when to spend your advertising dollar is critical to adding value to your media budget..

Our affiliates are the best in the business, and have the domestic and International experience to deliver important messages to the right audience.